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Quicklinks are great for development and debugging as they are very quick to create, if you need to find the current state of an HTML element, javascript object. They really come into their own for manipulating/debugging javascript or HTML elements on the page, I don't tend to keep them, just create them for task. There are some examples to get you started in the "Links library" section so you can get a flavour of the sort of things you can do. Most of the examples are IE based, FF, Safari and Opera have better debugging tools built in (and need less debugging ;).

You can use this page to create your own quick links by typing the javascript you want into the black textarea below or by clicking on one of the "load code" library links on the right and amending the javascript to meet your needs.

1) javascript

Put the javascript you want to run here (javascript will be truncated to one line so don't use // comments and always end lines with ; where necessary). You can load one of the example links form the right and amend it.

2) create link

To build your link and add it to your browser, click the "build link" button below, click on the link to test it's working ok then right click on the link and select "Add to favourites" save your link to the "links menu" or drag it to your links menu.

Right click this link and Add to favourites

add test data

If necessary, add some test HTML to the bottom of this page, so you can use to test your quicklink.

Links library

Quite a number of these examples are IE only

Insert external js libs
Add dojo to page (load code)
Add YUI to page (load code)
Add jQuery to page (load code)
Add Jash to page (load code)
Add MRI to page (load code)
Add xRay to page (load code)
Browser manipulation/info
compatMode (load code)
alert() (load code)
eval() (load code)
Page manipulation/info
update selection (load code)
view selection src (load code)
selected text length (load code)
Alert cookie info (load code)
Alert meta-data (load code)
HTML/CSS manipulation/info
Show tables (load code)
Iframe info (load code)
Toggle link css (load code)
Toggle contentEditable (load code)

[TODO: add more quicklinks]