Patrick Clancey UI Developer

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Patrick Clancey UI Developer

About me

I'm a big internet junkie and have been lucky enough to spend my time building websites for longer than I care to remember!

I'm a passionate advocate for the end user, with interest in standards, accessibility, UX and information architecture.

My public projects;

Chrome extensions

  • Stash Review Notifier

    Display pull request notifications
    Get notified of pending request and view those requests and details in a browser popup.

    Stash Review Notifier
  • Gmail/Inbox Unread Counter

    See how many unread emails you have in your inbox/gmail via a notification on your chrome tabs

    Gmail/Inbox Unread Counter
  • Switch Domain

    This extension adds a page action menu to switch domains for Adobe AEM/CQ and other large projects with many deployments

    Switch Domain
  • Link validator

    Link audit checker, find invalid content. Find broken links and links to pages which contain a given string. For example, search for pages containing 'TODO' or search for test data etc...

    Link validator
  • Kanban me JIRA

    This extension displays JIRA filters as a kanban wall and a single filter as a browser action popup, it's a very handy little extension built with D3 and CanJs.

    Kanban me JIRA
  • Monitor me Jenkins

    Wallboard for Jenkins/Hudson CI server. Keep an eye on your builds, displays as a pie chart browser icon so you can see roughly how your builds are getting on at a glance.

    Monitor me Jenkins
  • Cooliris thumbnail.rss viewer

    This extension uses the legacy flash cooliris.swf file hosted by the cooliris team. Add a thumbnail.rss file to your websites and browse them with Cooliris.

    Cooliris thumbnail.rss viewer


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Curriculum Vitæ

Highly skilled, motivated and experienced web developer with over 12 years of hands-on experience working at the cutting edge of the industry, creating accessible innovative solutions. Proven track record building websites incorporating web standards, WCAG WAI, performance, security, and best practice web development. With a focus on the user interface and front end technologies.

Technical skills

Client side; JavaScript, HTML5, ajax, CSS3, YUI3, Zetpo, underscore, jQuery ...

Server side; XML, XSLT, Java, Spring, Rails, PHP, SQL, Mongo ...

Other; Rapid prototyping, wire-frames, HCI, UX, accessibility WAI, web semantics, performance, visual design, Maven/Ant, Jenkins, Chef, Apache, Kanban, Scrum ...

Employment history

2008 - present

Senior developer - Map of Medicine

Over the past five years I have been looking after the user interfaces of our various web apps, managing and planning multiple work streams. Working with other organisations within the Healthcare sector to produce high quality, standards compliant web sites.

2003 - 2008

Senior UI developer - LBi

Comet co uk; lead a team to re-brand Comet's consumer site, working closely with their in house team.

BT; lead a small team to create a conferencing toolkit microsite, as well as working on their consumer site.

Abbey National; re-branding consumer site, including an Ant publishing system and a JavaScript mortgage calculater.

Vodafone; created numerous microsites using Struts/Tiles.

Care Quality Commission; managed contractors to produce their patient facing Heart Surgery UI portal (

Epson; working on-site on their consumer (printer catalogue) and corporate sites.

Sun Oracle; worked on-site producing JSTL for DofE University project.

Sony; actionscript for flash

2001 - 2003

Head of Interface - Fernhart New Media

Dominos Pizza; UI lead on commercial site with multiple front-end views including WebTV and Sky WTVML (XML/XSLT .NET). FilmFour; 2002 Oscars microsite. Channel4, T4 microsite templates. Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors; SharePoint website templates

1999 - 2001

Senior UI developer - Fortune Cookie

Michelin; Created an ASP consumer tire selector app with associated CMS. Elegant Resorts, designed and developed a highly praised ASP CMS and consumer website. SweatyBetty; actionscript for flash website.